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9 tips for better vacation photos – get more likes with better photos

Do you want to be successful with your Instagram photos? Here, you’ll get the best tips from experts on how to take better vacation photos, even if you’re using only your mobile phone!

Christofer Dracke is a professional photographer, working around the world for many years on missions for travel and fashion agencies. Today, he revealed the top 9 tips you can use on vacation, whether you’re looking for more “likes” on Instagram and Facebook, or want to create your own photo album. Bring your mobile camera and follow the tips, very easy!

1. Choose the right light for the day

My general rule of thumb is that lighting is best when your shadow is longer than your shadow i.e. in the morning and afternoon. You will see the greatest light just a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening, after which almost everything will be beautiful. In the middle of the day, harsh sunlight is so hard that you should look in the shade or indoors for better pictures.

If you choose to take photos in daylight, choose a shady spot. Why not under the palm tree?

2. Use the flash sparingly

When using the phone, I think you should use the flash as little as possible, as it is difficult to get a good effect out of it. Instead, make use of available light, for example by moving people closer to a window when taking a photo. Even light from skylights or street lights at night tends to outperform a simple flash. Just see how the light hits the person you’re photographing. In the middle of the day, a flash can be good, as the flash can then provide strong light. Try and see what happens!

3. Think about the background

A portrait is affected more by the background than many people think. Make sure the background is as clean as possible, such as a wall or a deserted beach. Multiple umbrellas and air mattresses or multiple palm trees can be a nuisance.

A simple background in its ace. Sometimes you don’t need more.

Dare to come closer

Get closer to the subject than usual for more clarity. When you think you’re close enough, take it a step further. Don’t confuse it with the zoom of your mobile phone. It’s something completely different, and I don’t think you should use it. It is better to crop the image later if necessary.

Get closer to the subject for a better angle and a more vivid image. Here you can almost feel the way the fishing lines rub together.

5. Take photos of the local people

In most places, there are interesting people who can contribute to the feel of the destination when you look at the photos. Start by talking to people and after a while asking if you can take a picture – best with a compliment. “I want to take pictures of you because the light on your face is so clear.”

6. Search for motifs

You may want to consider what is typical of the destination. It doesn’t really have to be the beach or the pool, it could be a local traffic sign. Combine high and low, close-ups and snapshots.

Different vignettes can better capture the feeling of the vacation. Can it even convey the message of your entire trip?

7. Wait for the family portrait

If you plan to take a group photo with the group, wait until you get there for a few days. After that, you will most likely look healthier and fresher and a little less pale than when you arrived. But don’t wait until the last holiday season – because it’s raining right then will be very sad …

8. Sunset

Of course, it’s tempting to try to capture great sunset in fanciful colors. But it is very difficult. If you want to give it a try, make sure you have a good foreground so you have something to look at in the lower part of the photo. This helps you avoid the feeling of the image being flat. But sometimes the best advice might be to just enjoy the sunset – and not photograph it.

9. At home – take care of the pictures

You already know, but can repeat: Back up all your photos! Upload photos to a separate hard drive and organize them into folders marked with the year, or possibly even destinations – but sometimes just looking for the photos later is enough to know which year it was taken. A great way to enjoy your photos is to create a photo album just like before. Make photo albums easier with smart programs and services. You and your friends are browsing through an album a lot more fun than trying to see photos on the screen.

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