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NUCLEAR PHYSICS 01/ IIT JEE Physics/ SSI Sir B.Tech. IIT Delhi, EX. Resonance Faculty Kota

Uploaded: 30 August 2018
Duration: 27Minutes 7Second
Views: 1380
Description: To buy complete videos visit our website or SSI sir .......A Physics guru and an IITian from IIT Delhi is ranked among the best faculties of Physics in KOTA not only because of his immense teaching experience and vast Knowledge of Physics but this Physics teacher is favourite of his students. He can make dream come true for any IIT JEE aspirant for Physics.His teaching abilities and knowledge of Physics is even appreciated by his competitors in Physics .He Has been teaching physics since last 13 years. syllabus covered in the Topic...... 1. introduction to nucleus , Atomic number, mass number, Isotopes, Isobars, Isotones, Radius of nucleus, density of nucleus, forces inside nucleus, strong nuclear force, stability of nucleus & N/Z ratio. 2. Mass defect, Binding Energy, calculation of Binding energy, examples, alpha-particles, Beta particles, positron, neutrino, anti-neutrino. 3. Alpha particle emission, kinetic energy of alpha- particle and Gama-particle, Beta particle Emission, positron emission, K-capture. 4. Radioactivity, Law of disintegration, statistical law , decay constant, Activity of a sample ,Half life of a sample, Average life of a sample, Carbon Dating. 5. disintegration with production, successive Disintegration, simultaneous disintegration. 6. Binding energy per nucleon, stability of a nucleus depending on B/A, fission reaction, Fusion reaction, 7. Nuclear reactor, types of reactors, Moderator, coolant, control rods, Critical mass.
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