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뽕 Mulberry (1985)

Uploaded: 01 May 2012
Duration: 1Hours 51Minutes 44Second
User By: 한국고전영화 Korean Classic Film
Views: 2019156
Description: 제공: 뽕 Mulberry (1985) 1920년대 중반- 당시 먹을 것, 입을 것이 부족한 일제 치하에 서두 산간벽지- 용담골이란 마을에 천하의 노름꾼 남편을 둔 안협이란 절색이 부인이 있었는데 그녀는 가사를 돌보지 않고 전국의 투전판을 돌아다니다 바람처럼 몇 달에 한번 정도 들르는 남편 삼보 때문에 살기위해 동네 뭇남자들에게 몸을 제공하고 곡식을 얻어 구차한 삶을 연명한다. 이러한 안협의 방자한 화냥끼 때문에 온동네의 여론이 분분하지만 이동네 남정네 거의 다 그녀를 한번씩은 다 거친터이라 아무도 그녀를 쫓아내지는 못한다. 헌데, 오직 그녀가 몸을 제공하지 않는 남자가 하나 있었으니, 자기와 뽕을 동업으로 치고 있는 자기집 주인할매의 머슴으로 힘세고 욕심많고 비열한 삼돌이란 녀석이다. 삼돌은 자기만이 안협의 몸을 섭렵하지 못한 것에 후꾼 달어 협박도 해보고 사정도 해보았지만 안협은 모든 남자는 물론, 하다못해 뽕지기 폐병쟁이까지 몸을 내돌리면서 삼돌에게만은 죽어라고 몸을 허락하지 않는다. 급기야 앙심을 품은 삼돌은 모처럼 집에 들른 삼보에게 안협의 방종한 행실을 고자질하나 결과는 넙치가 되도록 삼보에게 얻어맞고 기절한 것 뿐이다. 이어 안협을 때리는 삼보- 때리는 남편이나 맞는 아내의 가슴에는 사무친 한이 흐르고... 삼보는 또 구름에 달가듯이 어디론가 정처없이 떠나간다. 그는 이 나라의 독립을 기원하는 선구자였다. 그 마을을 빠져나가는 삼보의 뒷 모습을 바라보는 안협의 얼굴엔 알 수 없는 눈물이 흐르고 용담골 전경엔 어둠이 짙게 깔려 흐른다. It is mid 1920s when everyone did not have enough to eat. There was a village called Yong-dam near a mountain in the southern part of the country. In the village lived a woman of unsurpassed beauty named An-hyup. Her husband was a gambler who would wander around the country looking for places where he could just waste his time and money. He would return home once every several months. His life was just like wind flowing over here and there. Because her husband would not bring money or take care of his family, An-hyup sells her body to men in the village to put food on the table. There are divergent opinions in the village over the rudeness and slutty nature of An-hyup but no one dares to kick her out since almost every man in the village has slept with her. But there is just one man who she wouldn't sleep with. His name is Samdol. He is a strong and greedy bastard who serves the granny, An-hyup's landlady. Samdol works with An-hyup collecting mulberries and is crazy about laying his hands over her sexy body. He tries everything including threatening and begging her. But she would never allow Samdol near her even though she slept with that weak man with lung disease. Eventually, Samdol builds a grudge against An-hyup and tells on her slutty behavior to her husband Sambo when he returns to the village. But he ends up being beaten to death by Sambo. Then Sambo begins to beat his wife. Both the husband beating the wife and wife being beaten up by her husband shed tears of greatest sorrow. The next day, Sambo leaves the village once again. In fact, Sambo turns out to be a pioneer dreaming dreadfully for the independence of the country from Japanese ruling. An-hyup begins to shed tears as she watches Sambo leaving the village and the sun begins to set over Yongdam village. .
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