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Kama Sutra

Uploaded: 22 October 2007
Duration: 3Minutes 35Second
User By: Venetia Joubert
Views: 4053460
Description: come visit us in costa rica at !!! tel 506 85036 and 506 614 487 58 subscribe... please USE A CONDOM, PREVENT AIDS...THNX to petition cambodian govt to end child sex trade thru adoption please The Indian Guru (which means great/sacred teacher) had been trained in the Art of Kama Sutra, which means 'love lessons'. He had been chosen to be a Guru by his elders, because he had what they perceived as having special gifts. Thousands of years of Kama secrets had been passed on to him orally as per Indian tradition and Venetia Joubert (the singer filmed in this music video )learnt a wealth of information regarding surpassing the physical/sexual and thereby reaching nirvana when she was trained by him. This is why Joubert chose to name her band Kama Sutra xoxo. The meaning is not meant to be sexual which people assume due to the association with the western world of it only being related to sexual positions. In fact quite the opposite, it means 'surpassing sex'. Meaning the experience of nirvana, ie joining with the superconscious (God) is preferable to sex and achievable on earth. Ofcourse, it sounds unbelievable, but once one has experienced it, one knows that it is true. Most people can only achieve this state through meditation, often with the help of a trained Guru and it is only rarely achieved. Hence people's preference for sex because they cannot achieve such a state as they do not know how. The idea is one cannot reach such a state unless spiritually ready (has to continuously practice giving and receiving love ) and unless one is able to focus exclusively on love for that time period. The state is an ecstatic state (the state of ecstatic love and peace) which ofcourse is better than the ultimate sex, yet can often be achieved through sex ironically, though sex is not a necessary component. It is basically heaven on earth. (As and added note ..Unfortunately there are a lot of illegitimate Guru's out on this earth whose intentions are not good and purely sexual/monetary based so one has to be careful about seeking one out). Money should never be involved... This video is a love lesson about a failed relationship because of the love being one sided. Nirvana/bliss cannot be reached unless both parties love one another equally and to the ultimate degree..Also this is a true story and the thai boy in this video is really the singer's ex boyfriend/good friend and both do share a deep love but the relationship did not work out. The video was filmed on a romantic vacation together in Phi-Phi / Gai island Thailand and James bond island (the caves). Despite the break up, singer venetia Joubert still sees him often because he was one of her greatest life experiences and loves. Love is like water, transparent but apparent everywhere. The idea is it's has to be practiced like a habit, if you don't practice it permanently you will be weak at it much as an athlete without training has no muscle strength. Practice love and you gain love. It's simple but no one does it...Love is everything, and everything is worth nothing except love...(which is important to learn in preparation for everyones unltimate demise which is death...) See Venetia Joubert photos and biography at .
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