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5 Tips To Become A FLUENT And CONFIDENT English Speaker How To Speak English Fluently, Confidently

Uploaded: 15 July 2017
Duration: 10Minutes 31Second
User By: Learn English Lab
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Description: Learn how to become a FLUENT English speaker. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: For more FREE English lessons, SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Transcript: Hi there, do you want to speak English fluently and confidently? Do you often hesitate when you speak, searching for the right words? Do you get nervous when you talk to native English speakers and struggle to express your thoughts naturally? Well, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you’re watching the right video because in this lesson, I will give you five tips to become a fluent and confident English speaker. The problems that I just showed you are faced by English learners everywhere. And if you follow the tips that I give you in this video, you will be able to overcome all of these problems, and speak English fluently without hesitation. Tip number one is relax and speak slower. Many people think that fluency means speaking fast. But that’s not true. Real fluency is speaking without hesitation – it has nothing to do with just speed. When you try to speak fast, you create two problems for yourself: the first is that you make it difficult to speak by forcing yourself to find words faster and faster, so that makes your brain go in ten different directions. That can make you hesitate and use lots of fillers like ‘uh’, ‘um’ etc. The second problem is that all of this will make you nervous and overexcited, making you hesitate even more. Instead, whenever you are in an English-speaking situation, the first thing you should do is relax: take a full, deep breath, drop your shoulders and relax your face – by doing this, you will remove stress and tension from your body and mind. After you do this, when you speak, I want you to speak slowly (not very slowly) but at a natural pace. This way, you will have more time to find the right words, and you’ll speak with less hesitation. Also, your relaxed voice will make the other person in the conversation to relax. By seeing that you are not nervous or stressed, they will get a positive impression of your speaking ability. So remember the three steps: take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and your face, and speak slowly. Tip number two is speak English every day. If you’re serious about improving your fluency, then you need to make English speaking a daily habit. A fantastic way of doing this is to make sentences in your head regularly. For example, if you’re sitting on the bus, you can describe what you see and how you feel about it. You can say, “OK I have the window seat. I love having the window seat because I can look outside. I see the park now. I remember that as a kid, my dad used to take me to this park and I used to love playing on the see-saw”. You can do this in any situation (not just on the bus) and it really helps to improve your ability to make sentences spontaneously in English. If you’re at home, I also recommend that you have conversations with yourself out loud. Pretty soon, this will become a habit and you will start to really enjoy the process, and the real benefit of this is that it will train your brain to think directly in English without translating from your native language. You can also watch my lesson called one simple trick to become fluent in English where I show you a great technique that you can use to improve your fluency by yourself. Now, even though you can practice by yourself, the best way to improve your fluency is to find a conversation partner so that you can practice speaking in real-life situations. You should get together with people like yourself who are learning English – this could be your classmates, your coworkers, your friends or even your family members - and start a speaking club. Try to meet at least one or two times a week (if you can do this every day, then that’s great!) and just speak English. You can practice speaking freely or you can bring discussion topics and have conversations on these topics. Tip number three is to learn fixed phrases and expressions. If you pay attention to the English of native speakers, you will notice that a lot of the time, they use the same fixed phrases and expressions. These could be basic greetings like “How are you?”, “How’s it going?”, “How are things?” “Good thanks. How are things with you?”, “What about you?” etc. It could be phrases for making requests – “Could you help me with this?”, “Can you lend me a hand?” or making offers – “Would you like a cup of coffee?”, “Do you want me to open the window?” or phrases for giving a compliment (that is for praising someone) like “You’re a fantastic singer.” or “You look amazing in that dress.”
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