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ASMR   Bracelet Sounds (public Version) ASMR Bracelet Sounds (public Version)
Upload At: 29 April 2017
Description: Hi! This is a video with the different sounds of my bracelets. Love, Juliette.
ASMR   My Apartment / Deep Breathing :) ASMR My Apartment / Deep Breathing :)
Upload At: 14 October 2016
Description: Breathe deep when practicing this exercise. :)
ASMR   Leg Excercises ASMR Leg Excercises
Upload At: 19 April 2017
Description: Maybe not as many ASMR sounds as I thought but I hope you enjoy this and that it relaxes you. Love, Juliette
ASMR   Floored! ASMR Floored!
Upload At: 12 January 2018
Description: I was grounded a lot when I was younger... ;) Love, Juliette
ASMR   My Blue Shirt ASMR My Blue Shirt
Upload At: 23 February 2017
Description: Here's a little video with my blue shirt and the sounds it makes. The extended version of this and of my refrigerator video will be available on my Patreon page ...
ASMR   Whose Legs Sound Better?   Featuring Juliette! ASMR Whose Legs Sound Better? Featuring Juliette!
Upload At: 19 August 2016
Description: See Juliette's channel here: Hi Everyone, Juliette here! Thanks for watching my video. It's really fun working with Natalie and ...
ASMR   Washing Natalie's Dishes ASMR Washing Natalie's Dishes
Upload At: 01 November 2016
Description: What the heck, it's just dishes! :)
Safety Pin Safety Pin
Upload At: 16 September 2018
Description: In the extended version on Patreon I demonstrate how I use the pin. ;). xoxo.
ASMR   T Shirt Knots ASMR T Shirt Knots
Upload At: 08 May 2017
Description: I hope you like this. It's a shirt I have that is meant to tie in knots in the front that I really like. :) Thank you for watching. Love, Juliette ...
ASMR   My Towel! ASMR My Towel!
Upload At: 28 July 2017
Description: I guess if I would have wet the end I could have made "towel snapping sounds", maybe will do that for another video! :) Love, Juliette
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